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Meat Smokin’ Day


Brad used to be a home brewer. Now he is a meat smoker. If you were to ask him about his passion for smoked meats he’d talk you into a corner. He’d explain why smoking meat is the perfect weekend hobby. He’d tell you how it allows you to feed and water pigs, let out chickens, hay equine, move goats, clear brush, & hang out with your family all while you’re doing it. He’d say that with a little prep work and patience (and of course high quality heritage pork) you can begin your day with cut pecan and a little fire and end it with a cold beer, a tender cut of meat with a serious smoke ring, and a smile on your face. Chris from Fort Creek Farm came over last Sunday with a Hereford brisket offering. We brought out one of our boston butts and together we spent the evening full and happy. Being a farmer has it’s advantages and both Brad and I aren’t afraid to say it.