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Hermit Blues

Early Summer in Georgia is a study in green. Late Summer in Georgia is a study in brown with the memory of green.

Today while the yard looked up at me exhausted, a blue sky looked down on me seemingly unaware of it’s role on the landscape’s palette. This same blue sky does the chores with me, greets me eagerly when I wake up from a catnap, and patiently waits for me to finish breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She is a beautiful blue– a happy reminder of the season and it’s need for popsicles, but she is a stubbornly persistent blue.

I caught some glimpses of blue this afternoon that were a treat, even for these “blued” out eyes. Enjoy, and if you see any rain clouds, you know of one parade that will be waiting for them.

Images: Top— peeling paint in the hallway reminds us of occupants a century ago. Middle — Our first blue egg! Bottom— Vanilli finally gave birth to a female kid this week with blue eyes. We re-introduced mom and baby back to the herd this afternoon.