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It’s all about where you’re standing.

I saw a hen lay an egg today. Back when I was a non – hen owner, I never would have thought that piece of information to be note worthy, but believe you me, today as a hen – owner, I can safely say, it deserves a mention. There I was, 5PM, walking up to the chicken coop for the afternoon feeding, and there she was, a lone settin’ hen. Normally, if a hen thinks you’re going to disturb her while she’s laying, she’ll either remove herself from the scene until you leave her in peace, or you’ll be challenged to a poultry staring match.

It just so happened that this particular hen’s view was blocked by the partition of her nesting box, like little horse blinders if you will, leaving her unsuspecting of my interest. I’ve been waiting for over a year to watch a hen lay an egg. I’ve waited, and waited, standing outside the nesting box like a creeper. I guess part of my interest comes from the biology side of my brain and the other part comes from the Ripley’s Believe It or Not side.  I had to see for myself to make sure there wasn’t some great mystery I was missing out on. So, there I stood with the 5’oclock sun beating down. The hen was concentrating and so was I. Occasionally I would wipe my face with the back of my hand or remind myself to give my knees a little flex every now and then (it would be a shame for Brad to come home with me passed out in the chicken area all because I was a peeping Tom).  In all honesty, it’s about as interesting as you think it’d be, the hen quivers, making her feathers look as if they’re having contractions, and she stands up just a bit as the egg falls gently beneath her. And that’s that, where there was no egg, now there is one.

On the wedding front: Sunflowers were planted on our fence line about 2 months ago with the hope that they’d blooming come September. They’ve bloomed, and they’re beautiful, but it just so happens the blooms are all turned towards our neighbors property. This means that from our side of the fence, they look like children facing the chalkboard. Mental note: when choosing location for sunflowers remember they’ve got a namesake for a reason. The blooms face the direction of the rising sun! Oh well, one more thing to laugh about.